I just finished up a fantastic weekend in Salmon Arm at the Word on the Lake Writers Festival! I had two mini sets with my guitar and my original songs and presented a Master Class in Letting the muse in for songwriting. It was wildly different for me and a wonderful experience. Kay Johnston invited me and The Salmon Arm Folk Society and Linda Rohlfs sponsered me. Blu Hopkins provided the sound for us all and made us sound ike a million bucks!

I feel so very lucky to have taken part in such a well run, fun festival in such a beautiful setting. Also, the Harbourfront Hotel we stayed in was beautiful with a warm, friendly staff. I took Mum and Paco with me and the drives both ways were glorious weather wise and the traffic wasn't too heavy until we reached Clearbrook on the way home. We sat and sat along with hundreds of other drivers until I deaked off and found the Fraser Highway. It took a bit longer and I was feeling pretty toasty by the time we arrived back, but as always, so good to be back home again.

As much as I LOVE this picture and what it represents..my having a retail outlet for my artwork...I am so saddened to say that the store is no longer. Linda Marshall, store owner decided to close. I support her decision 100% and we think somewhere down the road, we'll do something else wonderful together! In the meantime, I will still shine with my wings.