A Song For YOU!

     A Song For YOU, is a song specially designed, written and recorded with only YOU in mind.

     It's for the person in your life that has everything, except their very own song. It's for the pet owner who wants to celebrate their loved one. It's for any occasion that wants it's very own song, weddings, birthdays, memorials, happy divorces, anything at all really!

     There are literally millions of songs out here in the world and many are gorgeous. But sometimes, even with all those to choose from, there isn't one to say what you need to it to say. That's where I come in.

     First, you tell me about your loved one, their interests, loves, favourite music, (favourite toys, parks) special people, whatever it is you want portrayed in the song. I may ask questions such as a favourite musical genre that they'd like, such as swing, bosa nova, ballad, torch, rock, reggee, folk. Then I begin my process of the writing and arrangement of the music to go with the lyrics. I will send you a first draft of my lyrics and if you like them, we move on to the recording. If there's something I've missed or that you want added in, I will do a re-write. On your go ahead, I continue on to the recording. All in all, it's pretty painless.

     One thing I like to do, is get a great picture of the person/pet. Along with the recording, I include 2 discs, both in jewel cases, with the picture on the front of the case, the lyrics on the flip side and the picture on the disc itself. You can email the picture.

     The cost is $400.00 half up front and half on delivery. I accept cash, credit, cheque and PayPal. I play guitar, ukelele, bass, synth, percussion, use loops, sing lead and bg's. Depending on what's best for the song, or at your request, I will hire a pro to come in and play piano, sax, electric guitar, harmonica,etc. That of course is extra. I only bring in the best people! I will send you an mp3 of the song, before delivery of the discs.

     I prefer to have 2 weeks notice, but I have done it in less, for last minute requests.

     If you want the song performed live by me alone or with other musicians, we can do that too! The cost will include bringing a PA (or not) possible travel, and of course the musicians!!

     Here are some samples of songs. I'm happy to provide full length versions and rave reviews on request!

Adult Birthday

Darby's Bar
Our Friend Joe
Bob Bobbaroony
It's June
My Friend Tracy
Oh Kay

Kids and Babies

Simon Barrington Foote
Ten Fingers
Dreamy Time


Bailey the Schnauzer
I'm Here to Protect You