Being a full time musician, I do many things to keep paying the bills.

I've been sideman to such greats as Gary Fjellgaard, Norman Foote, Roy Forbes, Shari Ulrich, Jim Foster. I sing, I tap dance from time to time, I do Musical Theatre, (Cruisin' With The Boomers, Baby Boomer Blues, Sweet and Hot, Rogues and Romantics) I am an annual fixture at Richmond Country Farms, just call me Lucky Linda! as part of the Pumpkin Patch Orchestra aka PPO, or Country Bumpkins, I play gigs as a drummer/singer, bass player/singer, bg singer, I do sessions for album projects and jingles..sometimes I'm an extra in the movies..I coach singers, I write and record my own music and I record others. Busy!

As a solo act, I play guitar and often times, I will take my bass pedals along to accompany myself. Here's one of my favorites.

Harvest Moon.

I've done many duos, trios and quartets over the years such as After Eight with Revellie Nixon, Phil and the Blanks, with Dan Smith, Kidder-Bye with Joani Bye, Trios with Brent Shindell, Todd Taylor, Tim Porter, A String of Girls, with Laura Lang and Jenny Emery..the list goes on..I am now putting together a duo with one of Vancouver's best, Alex Whittaker. Alex is a superb guitarist/vocalist and hilarious. We will be available for pretty much anything!

Here's a small sample of what we can do.

Duo deGal

I can put together any size band you require, as I play and have played with many of the top musicians in Vancouver.