Linda Kidder Discography

Discography of Linda Kidder

Bon Jovi New Jersey (The Sweet Thing Vocal Association)
Lay your hands on me produced by Bruce Fairburn 1988
Gary Fjellgaard Heart of a dream 1989
Rita MacNeil Home I'll be 1990
Bing Jenson Human Hands 1990
Gary Fjellgaard Winds of October 1991
Sweet Dick Hot Dickity 1991
Gary Fjellgaard Winds of October 1991
Morry Stearns Power in our hands 1992
Joe Stanton There you go 1993
Raffi Bananaphone 1994
Gary Fjellgaard Believe in forever 1994
Connie Kaldor Out of the blue 1994
Michael Booth Palmer Wheel of Romance 1994
Sandy Scofield Dirty River 1994
Shawn Carle Number Two 1994
Gary Comeau The Hunger 1994
Tom Northcott Tribute to Leonard Cohen 1994
Suzanne Gitzi, Dressed in Black, 1995
Rick Bockner Trouble with the Moon 1995
Mike Jacobs Time is on my side 1995
Susan Crowe The Door to the River 1996
The They The Green Room 1996
Gary Fjellgaard The Best of 1997
Beverley Elliott Yellow Dress 1997
Linda Kidder Mom and Me 1998
Ralph Shaw King of the Ukelele 1998
Sweet Dick Sweet Dick 1998
Jenica Rayne Essential Elements 1999
Come sing with us - Ho Ho Watanay 1999
Lunch with Charles Soundtrack 2000
Jenny Emery Leading you home 2000
Three Days Soundtrack 2001
Gary Fjellgaard Grande Olde Ride 2001
Ralph Shaw Table for Two 2001
A String of Girls 2002
Jo Whitley Things Change 2002
Lil Romeo Soundtrack 2003
Roy Forbes Too Many Bills - CBC 2003
Norman Foote Domestic Rendezvous 2003
Mark Vance Time will tell 2003
Blu Hopkins Canyon Wind 2003
Joe Stanton Passenger Stanton 2003
Jenica Rayne Hall of Memories 2004
Kenny Hess By Request 2004
Terry Brennan Roads 2004
Paul Rodgers 2004
Bill Usher 2004
Peter Berring Big Dog Band 2004
Chicken Soup for the Soul Soundtrack 2004
Menopositive Soundtrack New York Theatre Production 2005
Harry Manx Mantras for Madmen 2005
Norman Foote Domestic Rendezvous 2005
Leonard and Sample Bend 2005
Gary Fjellgaard Caragana Wind 2005
Terry Brennan On the other side 2005
J.J. McCall Menopositive the Musical 2005
Rita MacNeil Songs my mother loved 2006
Nathen Aswell Little by Little 2006
Linda Kidder Close to Bliss 2006
Gary Fjellgaard Secret Santa 2007
Roy Forbes Dream on down the road 2007
Little Bear Theatre Production 2007
Silver Belles Tis the season 2007
Dalannah Gail Bowen Mammas got the blues 2007
AUGUST The Sweetest Day 2007
Unity of Vancouver Let there be light 2008
Garry Oker Spirit Dreamers 2008
Joe Stanton Sometimes you win 2008
Norman Foote Love My New Shirt 2008
Neil Harnett Somewhere 2008
Gregg Lee Henry Heavy Lifting 2008
Gary Fjellgaard All in the journey 2009
Jane Mortifee Get Ready 2009
PNE Fascinating Rhythm 2009
Jim Foster Lone Bird 2009
Michael Vincent Thank You 2009
Max and Ruby Theatre Production 2010
Sabrina Weeks Tales from Lenny's Diner 2010
Stephanie Martin Sailing On 2010
Toopy and Binoo Live Show 2011
Gary Oker Ride 2011
Busy Town Theatre Production 2012
Kidder/Pickell Christmas-ish 2012
Sabrina Weeks Got my ey on you 2012
James Avery Long Way Home 2012
Oliver and the Elements Balance 2012
Linda Kidder For My Darling Betty 2013
Norman Foote Always Be Yourself 2013
David King Man about midnight 2013
Tom Arntzen Everyday Love 2013
Jenica Rayne hit the ground running 2014
Michael Mioszewski a place like this 2014
Baba Brinkman God of the Gaps 2015
Ross Douglas Most Meant to Be 2015
James Avery Tell the rain 2015
James Avery Latin Nights 2015
John A. Paterson Heart Movements 2016
Beverley Elliott Sunday Morning 2017
Angels on High Carolling, Carolling, Carolling 2017
Marcus Mosley, Labour of Love 2017
kd lang Ingenue 25th Anniversary Edition 2018

Film and Television Credits

The Performers 1971
Terminal City Ricochet 1990
Canada Day, Parliment Hill 1990
Arsenio Hall 1992
David Letterman 1992
MTV Unplugged 1993
kd lang Free Trade Hall Manchester for BBC 1 1993
Grammy's 1993
kd lang MTV Unplugged Vol.1 (live at the Ed Sullivan Theatre) 1994
She Kills Me 2004